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Crane Operator Training

Providing Nationally Recognised Crane Operator Training to keep Australia safe in the Workplace.

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Crane Operator Training (Onsite Training)

GTS can deliver Crane Operator Training on your site for the following High Risk Licences (and their RII equivalents)
  • Non-slewing Crane (e.g. Franna)
  • Bridge/Gantry HRWL (Cabin Driven)
  • RII Bridge/Gantry Crane (Pendant Controlled)
  • Slew Crane up to 20 tonnes
  • Slew Crane up to 60 tonnes
  • Slew Crane up to 100 tonnes
  • Slew Crane over 100 tonnes
GTS can also deliver supporting qualifications often needed with a crane ticket, including:
  • Dogging
  • Rigging
  • Conduct Lifting Operations
  • Various other machinery tickets
Crane Operator Training


As an aspiring construction worker, have you ever looked up at a towering crane gracefully lifting a pre-fab building section, or maybe a shipping container, and thought to yourself, “There’s no way I could handle that!”? On the contrary – with the right training, you too could be the one in the cab, meticulously maneuvering those incredible machines.

The world of crane operation is a fascinating one, demanding a unique blend of skill, precision, and safety awareness. But before you can take the reins (or joysticks, as the case may be) of a crane, there’s an important step – Crane Operator Training.

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