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Who We Are

Gladstone Training Services is a family business with a presence in Gladstone since 2009. Phil & Garry aim to provide a flexible and sensible training solution to the Gladstone region with a friendly, professional and efficient service.

What We Do

Gladstone Training Services is a local provider of industry qualifications. Our no-fuss approach is about providing what you need to use your skills in the workplace safely.

Premium courses and training that are regulated and designed to help people attain a specific level of expertise without the difficult studies that come with a four-year degree. The length of each course is determined by the topic of interest.

Specific classes are offered for White Card courses, Forklift Tickets, Gas Test Atmospheres, Working At Heights, Confined Space Entry, and Elevating Work Platforms. Attend classes that cover all necessary elements with great attention to detail – complete them and achieve the all-important ticket / license.

Construction courses are important because many professionals work in the building sector. Construction workers, project managers, construction co-coordinators, designers (typically architects and engineers), contract managers, construction managers, commercial managers, planners, quantity surveyors, and estimators are all involved in the design and operation of a construction project.

The construction industry is constantly evolving, it’s critical to stay informed and acquire the necessary credentials, so when people say; are construction workers essential workers? Most definitely construction is an essential service for a number of reasons. Construction is the lifeblood of our country’s growth and welfare, supplying important infrastructure and services to all parts of our daily lives.

Individuals can participate in these industrial and construction courses to acquire the necessary credentials to work in specific areas. Participants can take a variety of classes to learn about engineering ideas and the many technologies used in current construction.

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Construction definition: a process of putting together different elements to create structure for a specific site, using a thorough design and plan. When it comes to building enormous structures, you must have a meticulous plan with the precise location. The construction is designed and built by architects and engineers. This is why construction is important and why construction takes so long to do – it takes a lot of manpower to achieve a successful construction project.

The building industry is huge, but for some, that’s what makes it so exciting. When asked, what construction workers can work with? From engineering to electricians and beyond, there can be a spot for you. Also, within each specific field, there are a variety of ways to enhance your career in the construction industry.

One of Australia’s (and the world’s) most vital industries is construction. When tourists visit Australia, they ask: who constructed the Sydney harbour bridge or who constructed the Sydney opera house? Truth is, it’s had multiple talented engineers and construction workers that have dedicated their time to create such a masterpiece that is literally one of the best sites to see in Australia.

The country’s rapidly growing population is generating high demand for infrastructure and housing. The construction business is critical to the global economy. We would struggle to evolve as a society without the wide array of buildings, high-rises, bridges, and many other yet-to-be-built projects. The more qualifications you have in this field, the more opportunities you’ll have to enhance your career.

Individuals who want to enter the workforce will immediately benefit by taking these types of courses. Once you have ended the course, you can start working with the benefit from the practical experience gained in any hands-on workshops.

Once a construction graduate has completed his or her studies, he or she may find work in a variety of areas. Cities and privately held firms frequently hire project planners. Hardware and manufacturing businesses that produce large quantities of supplies and materials may have vacancies as well.

Gladstone Training Services makes this simple by offering a range of courses to help you become qualified in construction, mining, industrial, construction management and all other types within the industry.

The construction industry is a vital and fundamental part of infrastructure development, and it contributes significantly to the economic growth of our country. Any safety procedure related to the construction industry or construction sites is referred to as construction safety.

Construction site safety aims to ensure that a construction site or the construction industry as a whole does not provide an immediate threat to the general public or construction employees, as well as ensuring that the finished project meets mandated safety requirements. The construction region has experienced phenomenal expansion in recent years around the world.

Thousands of construction workers are harmed each year as a result of easily avoidable accidents. It’s critical to keep track of the dangers that come with construction work. Businesses must take health and safety seriously, and as part of that, they must provide their employees with appropriate and effective training and must know the construction safety risks.

At GTS, you will learn the value of each step in the process of constructing safe, durable, and secure structures and establishments. Individuals will learn how to ensure that the construction site, as well as the completed project, meet health and safety laws for both construction workers and the general public. Our courses also address risk management and the different forms of paperwork that construction management must deal with when maintaining site safety.

To get the most out of your chosen profession, you should get the qualifications you need to open doors to new roles and experiences, whether that means getting your building license or enrolling in a diploma program.

At GTS, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the EWP Ticket, Forklift License, Construction White Card, Working at Heights, Gas Test Course, and Confined Space Entry – all of which are important in the construction and manufacturing industries.

You’ll master the core skills and construction principles needed to help engineers in overseeing building construction. In addition, construction management programs will teach you about both vertical (buildings) and horizontal (roads) aspects of the industry. Safety, construction equipment, and staying safe near large machinery and dangerous situations are among the topics covered in the courses.


What is a construction white card? In Australia, construction workers are required to get a White Card, but who needs a construction white card? If you intend to work in the construction industry, you cannot work on a construction site without a White Card, even if you are only visiting Australia for a short time on a working vacation visa. A valid White Card certifies that you have undergone formal, certified general construction induction training with an Australian licensed organization.


What is a White Card Course?

The general standards of a safe operating site in Australia are covered in White Card training. If you’re looking for a place to obtain your construction White Card, Gladstone Training Services would be delighted to make that a reality.

We use the most up-to-date and effective teaching methods and procedures to provide you with a more empowering training experience. Our passion for exceptional training sets us apart from others. As a leading source of construction white card training, we take pride in being the most trusted construction industry specialists in Queensland.


How to Apply for a Construction White Card?

Firstly, you must complete general construction induction with a Registered Training Organization (RTO) registered instructor to acquire a standard induction white card.

The RTO will provide you with confirmation of completion as well as the all-important white card once you have completed the program.


Is there a Construction White Card Age Limit?

Yes, there is a limit – you must be at least 14 years old to apply for a white card. Below 14 years and you will have to wait until 14 to apply and obtain a white card.


Do White Cards Expire and How Long is a White Card Valid?

A white card is valid if you work continuously in the construction sector. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to retake your white card course if you work consistently. However, your card, will become invalid if you’re out of the industry for over two years. Then, your white card becomes invalid, and you must retake the course to receive a valid construction white card. This rule applies to all Australian states and territories.


Can you do White Card Training Online?

Currently GTS only perform and train you in person on-site in Gladstone, due to the complexities of needing to achieve certain elements to make your White Card Ticket official and ready to use.

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