View details on our range of Nationally Accredited industry short courses. We can assist you to get you ready for a high paying career in a range of industries including Mining, Gas, Hydrogen, Civil Contracting, Construction, Logistics and more. With most courses offering multiple career options investing in yourself will always offer the best return.

When your ready to start we have a continuous schedule of courses on high rotation so you can be assured we will get you qualified safely, effectively and soon. Head over to our Course schedule to find the next course for you and book yourself in.

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Who We Are

Gladstone Training Services is a family business with a presence in Gladstone since 2009. Phil & Garry aim to provide a flexible and sensible training solution to the Gladstone region with a friendly, professional and efficient service.

What We Do

Gladstone Training Services is a local provider of industry qualifications. Our no-fuss approach is about providing what you need to use your skills in the workplace safely.

Regulated high-quality courses, classes, and training that are designed to help people achieve a certain level of proficiency in each field without requiring the rigorous studies associates with a four-year degree. The length of each course depends on the desired area of interest.

White Card courses, Forklift Tickets, Gas Test Atmospheres, Working At Heights, Confined Space Entry, and Elevating Work Platforms are all taught in specific classes. You can expect to attend classes covering all necessary elements to these with great attention to detail – complete them and get that all important ticket/license.

Individuals may take these industrial and construction courses to attain the desired tickets into certain fields. Students can learn about engineering concepts and the numerous technologies in modern construction in a various range of classes.

The construction industry employs many professionals who represent multiple disciplines. In designing and executing a construction project, for example, construction workers, project managers, construction design management co-coordinators, designers (typically architects and engineers), contract managers, construction managers, commercial managers, planners, quantity surveyors, and estimators are all involved.

The construction industry is constantly evolving so it’s imperative to keep up and get the right qualifications under your belt. The cost of a course is determined by the specific topic of your requirements. You should contact us directly to learn more about how much your type of program costs.


Taking these types of courses will certainly benefit individuals who want to enter the workforce right away as well as those who want to further their education in a particular area. Anyone wishing to start working as soon as the course is over will benefit from the practical expertise gained through any hands-on classes.  The construction sector is vast. But that’s part of what makes it so exciting. There is a trade out there for you, from engineering to electricians and beyond. Furthermore, there are several options to advance your career within each trade.

The construction industry is one of Australia’s most important (and the world). Indeed, the country’s rapid population increase is fueling demand for infrastructure and housing across the board. The construction industry is essential to society globally. Without the vast array of buildings, high-rises, bridges, and many other to-be-built projects, we’d find it difficult as a society to evolve. In this industry, as in many others, the more qualifications you have, the more options you’ll have to advance your career. Gladstone Training Services makes this simple by offering a variety of courses to help you become qualified in building, industrial, and all areas of construction.

Once a construction graduate has completed his or her education, there are a variety of disciplines in which work may be available. Project planners are commonly employed by cities and privately held businesses. Hardware and manufacturing enterprises that generate various supplies and materials may also have openings.


The construction industry is an important and crucial aspect of infrastructure development, which boosts our country significantly. In recent years, the construction industry has seen tremendous growth around the world. However, this industry has 4 to 5 times the rate of fatal accidents as the manufacturing sector. It’s critical that businesses take health and safety seriously, and as part of that, they must give relevant and effective training to their employees.

Here at GTS, you will learn the importance of every step towards building a safe, tough and secured structures and establishments. Individuals will learn how to ensure that a construction site, as well as the completed project, satisfy health and safety regulations for construction employees and the general public. Risk management and the various sorts of forms and other paperwork that construction managers must deal with when assuring site safety are also covered in the courses.


Here in Gladstone Training Services, taking construction courses with us can allow you to learn a variety of skills, from managing construction projects to repairing construction equipment. Safety, planning, and installation are at the heart of a basic construction course. You can learn how to stay safe on a construction site and around machinery.

You will learn everything regulated and required for the EWP Ticket, Forklift License, Construction White Card, Working at Heights, Gas Test Course, and Confined Space Entry – which are all essential within their designated fields within construction and industrial industries.

You will also learn the fundamental skills and construction principles required to assist engineers in supervising the development of buildings. Also, in construction management programs you’ll gain knowledge in both vertical (buildings) and horizontal (roads) within the construction management sector. Courses include safety, construction equipment, and being safe around large machinery and hazardous areas.

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