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What happens if I let my High Risk Work licence expire?

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A high risk work licence is essential for anyone working with heavy or dangerous construction equipment.

In the Australian construction industry, your high risk work ticket is proof that you are trained and capable of operating equipment such as cranes, hoists and forklifts, or that you know how to rig scaffolding, precast concrete members and safety nets.

There are many different types of high risk work licenses that you can get – but once you’ve worked hard to get one, you don’t want to let it expire!

If you let your high risk work licence expire, you are no longer legally allowed to complete that type of work on site.

The national Workplace Health and Safety regulations can inflict heavy penalties on businesses if work is done without a valid national licence. This can have big repercussions for your company, your career and your pay packet, so to ensure you’re always authorised to work with high risk equipment, keep an eye on your license expiry date.

How long does a high risk work ticket last?

Once you obtain your high risk work license, it’s valid for five years.

Plus, licenses are generally valid across State borders, meaning you can work anywhere in Australia, no matter where you originally got your ticket.

Note however that it’s always a good idea to check with your local workplace safety authority, as some states require you to transfer your licence if you become a permanent resident.

How to renew your high risk work license.

If you need to renew your high risk ticket. you can do so within 12 months of the expiry date on your card.

If your HRW license expiry date is looming, you’ll need to apply for a new licence. The process for doing this differs between states, with some safety authorities requiring a paper form lodged in person, and some having an easy online process.

Renew a high risk work licence in Queensland.

Worksafe QLD has an online services portal to help you renew. You would have received a renewal notice in the post with a code number – you’ll need this to renew, along with your driver’s licence number and a head shot of yourself. Find out more about the QLD renewal process here.

Need help with the licencing process?

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